Oakville Real Estate Careers: Rudy Habesch - "CREATE 21 was an excellent experience for me"

Going through the CREATE 21 Course was an excellent experience for me. Even though I like to learn in a classroom setting, I must say that the sessions were quite useful and the interaction level was excellent..
I have already started to incorporate a lot of what I have learned from the course into my daily routine. Time management and building that every growing sphere of influence is one of many things I am concentrating on that have been emphasized through the course. I was also happy to learn more about the e-tools available through online office and client connect, as well as the many optioned available for managing one's career in real estate. I must also say that we had an incredible head start on the e-tools because Diane prepared us really well in her training sessions.
Regarding the delivery of the course, the instructor Betty did an amazing job, not only did she deliver the material professionally, her personable approach, friendliness, and genuine interest in helping sales reps starting or continuing their real estate career was quite evident and helped in getting everyone involved in the course . It was also nice to have Jim also in on the training as well as Kevin Stanley in the beginning.
Being involved with PEP at the same time had its benefits as some of the material from Create 21 was expanded upon in PEP, however, I believe that I will do PEP again in six months if the opportunity presented itself as I believe that it is good to have accountability when you are prospecting as it is a great motivator.
- Rudy Habesch, Sales Representative



At CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate, all new salespeople are provided with a multi-tiered training experience. It's been a huge reason for our growth and success.

The CENTURY 21 organization is renowned for its comprehensive online training program, The CENTURY 21 Learning System, which not only provides training and development programs for new and existing salespeople, but also for administrators and broker/managers as well.


CREATE 21 is CENTURY 21's award winning new salesperson training program. This program provides a spaced learning experience with 12 live, on line, paced sessions to make it convenient for the students to fit it into their busy lives. CREATE 21 gives new salespeople a head start in the business and allows them to hit the road running. Instructors coach and guide the students through their work and provide follow up for a further 3 weeks after the initial training. 

We are very excited about this program as we are seeing the results it brings. The CREATE 21 training program has been recognized mulitple times by Training Magazine in its Top 100 Training Program Awards.  


In addition, our customized in-house training gives our new salespeople the opportunity to develop and polish their skills in the context of the actual local market place.  We discuss in depth the correct procedures for all of the situations the salesperson is likely to find themselves in.  The best part for most of our students is our role playing sessions where they get to practice and improve their skills at presenting and negotiating. 


The CENTURY 21 System intranet also provides additional training materials and up to 120 hours of additional online training modules available every month - its called our Virtual Solutions Series as it provides the help that salespeople need when they need it.


All of our salespeople get a complete technology package too courtesy of CENTURY 21:  a full, customizable personal website, marketing templates, a virtual online office that provides a complete suite of business tools like email, blog, contact and lead management, and lots more.  This kind of technology package would cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, if salespeople had to go out and purchase or develop it themselves, not to mention the time factor and effort involved.  Full training is provided on all aspects of the technology package:  online training guides, video training segments, and one-on-one hands on training by our admin staff. 


Our real estate career training works
We provide exceptional real estate career training and support.  We receive many, many, testimonials from satisfied salespeople who have joined our company and launched successful real estate careers. 
Contact us to find out why.

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