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Peterborough Scored 55th Best Place to Live In 2012.

Money Sense Magazine has release their report on Canada’s Best Places to live in 2012. The report ranks 190 towns and cities in Canada using categories to compare the pros and cons of urban communities in Canada. Peterborough ranked as the 55th for 2012 as the best place to live in Canada. Comparing our rankings in 2011 where Peterborough was ranked 38th and in 2010, Peterborough was ranked ...

How to prepare for power outages

Extreme weather conditions often cause power outages, often for long stretches of time. Whether you lose power for days, due to weather, or even for just a few hours because of a faulty power line, here are some tips to be fully prepared in emergencies. Buy emergency supplies BEFORE disaster strikes, when items are easily accessible. Purchase items such as flashlights, matches, batteries, candles, ...

Listing Status Report Feb 1 Feb 29, 2012

  RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL MULTIFAMILY FARM TOTALS ACTIVE 358 22 6 2 388 SOLD 147 8 6 0 161 CONDITIONAL 33 3 2 0 38 EXPIRED 79 10 4 2 95 CANCELLED 46 1 1 1 49 WITHDRAWN 7 0 0 0 7   TOTALS 670 44 19 5 738 Constantine Isslamow | Broker of Record Friends, followers and Connections are the way of the ...

Commercial Mortgages

This category includes the following types of real estate:   Industrial buildings   Office buildings   Retail malls   Mixed-use properties The location, quality and historic performance of the property are important attributes in arranging a new or replacement mortgage. These types of real estate are ...

University Heights

University Heights great North End neighbourhood lots of Parks great area for going for walks, close to the zoo, easy access Trent University check out 2979 Jennifer dr. custom built 3 bedroom, 3 bath home featuring main floor family room, main floor laundry room 2 gas fireplaces, and much more call today for more details

Property Moguls Wanted in Realopolis

CENTURY 21 Canada has launched a fun, free online game designed to help you learn more about real estate investing. The unique game was developed to mirror many of the situations of the real world. From deciding which mortgage to go with, or which contractors to use, to figuring out whether or not to report a suspicious neighbor - the events reflect possible situations that players may experience ...


THINKING OF BUYING THAT FAMILY COTTAGE? OR, GETTING OUT OF THE RAT RACE AND MAKING THE MOVE TO THE KAWARTHAS?   NOW IS A GREAT TIME!!.... PRICES ARE GOOD & INTEREST RATES ARE..... 'LOW'   Ted Wiggins and his Kawartha Lakes Office, Service: All of Peterborough and "The Kawartha Lakes" Including Buckhorn Lake, Lower Buckhorn Lake, Pigeon Lake, Chemong Lake, Bald Lake, Catchacoma-Mississauga ...

New Area Services page

I have just added a navigable list of service providers to my site which should be very handy to new home owners to the area. If you can think of more reliable services or contrators let me know and I will add them.  Adrian King
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