Saigon Star Vietnamese Cuisine at 330 Hwy 7 Richmond Hill

  • Although we had to wait ten minutes for our table, the food completely made us forget that we had to wait.

    Our server is so and so. But, the food are great. We started off with the cury crab and lamb chops.... . The bread was fresh out of the oven.

    I eat out quite often everywhere, and both come from families in the restaurant business... but I wouldnt say I am expert in the Richmond Hill/Markham area YET. But he couldnt stop raving about this place. He also believes in the idea that if you can get us to eat and like something we dont eat by making it good.. then we are talking talent. The pineapple rice was so good.. i was chewing ginger and liked it.

  • Order: CURRY CRAB, lamb Chops, pineapple fried rice, grilled prawn with sugar cane, bok choy
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