O'Leary Real Estate Listings and Information


O’Leary was established around 125 years ago, with the creation of the Prince County rail system. As the rail system developed so did the industry of the time. O'Leary was named after Michael O'Leary asettler to the area in the 1800's. The current population of the village of O'Leary is 861 with an a trading area population of better than 15,000. The population of O'Leary is heavily weighted to seniors and retirees although the area has industry and jobs. The village has retail as well as the usual range of businesses. There is a local hospital and access to schools. Real estate in the village ranges from $9,500 for a building lot, with homes starting in the low 40's and reaching the 300's. Average family homes are to had around $150,000.

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