Marina: A popular neighbourhood of Aylmer, Quebec




One of the most popular neighbourhoods of Aylmer thanks to it boasting the docks of the Marina along the Ottawa River, a summer fun restaurant overlooking the river and sailboats, a sandy public beach with park for festivities, families and friends. Located between des Cedres, Queen’s parc and downtown Aylmer, this neighborhood bustles with activity and energy and many amenities (see walkscore). Visually, the community of homes make of for mixed styles: some were originally cottages from the past that have been converted into homes mixed in with new constructions by builders for the purpose of making them rentals, other older homes are renovated and updated to be brand new and yet some have noticeably seen their years and are in disrepair….although also offering excellent locations near the water. The Marina is not as easy to judge as one might think due to its highly appealing location, its vibrant energy contrasted by a mix of homes that give aspects of the community a worn neglected feel with growing signs of newer homes growing throughout this community. This community’s future should prove interesting!

One of the most exciting activities and unique to this area is Ice Windsurfing! During the chilly winters, the Ottawa River freezes over and the hip windsurfers convert themselves into kite surfing winter ice pros! They strap their feet onto a windsurfing board made especially for ice surfuing and let the energy and power of the prevailing winds pull them while attached to a durable sail kite. It's something truly t behold.


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