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Gatineau Valley

The Gatineau Valley is located in the heart of the Outaouais, just on the doorstep of Ottawa/Gatineau. The valley which borders the Gatineau River’s shores groups together 17 municipalities and two Algonquin communities – Rapid Lake, in the Reserve faunique de la Verendrye and Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, south of Maniwaki.

The major city on its southern border is Ottawa/Gatineau and Maniwaki is the main hub to the north.  The area is within easy commuting distance of Ottawa/Gatineau via Autoroute 5 and Highway 105.

Gatineau River

Many residents in the southern half of the valley work in Ottawa/Gatineau but choose to live in the area because of its beautiful country setting and also for all the recreational activities that are literally at their backdoor – skiing, cycling, hiking, boating, golf, snowmobiling, camping and much more.  It is also a favourite cottaging area for residents of Ottawa, the National Capital region and beyond.  

Scattered with over 20,000 lakes, several major rivers and magnificent forests, the region is a peace of heaven for residents and visitors alike!                                                                                    Pristine lake

Local Attractions

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Construction and Expansion

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Community Events

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Market Reports and Conditions

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