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Local Attractions

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Hello, As a real estate broker specialized in the purchase and sale of waterfront properties in the Laurentians, it's my please to share with you the list below of lakes which motor boats are not permitted. The Federal government regulates the navigation on all lakes in Canada. Hit CTRL  +  F to search the lake you are looking for. You can then view my waterfront property for sale ... Read More...
Posted by Yanick Laporte on 2013-08-30
Hello, I found this usefull list of Laurentians lake associations that I would like to share with you. They often have interesting information on the lakes that you like. CTRL   F   to research the lake you wish. Good research!   Yanick Laporte, B.A.A. C. 1-819-429-9001 Owner & real estate broker Century 21 Tremblant     ... Read More...
Posted by Yanick Laporte on 2013-03-18

Market Reports and Conditions

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Hello, This article is to explain why it's best to choose a real estate broker member of the Laurentian Real Estate Board to sell or buy a property in the Laurentians. In short, we know the particularities of our market better than anyone else, it order to better assist you. Thank you, Yanick Laporte, B.A.A. C. 1-819-429-9001 Real estate broker & Office ... Read More...
Posted by Yanick Laporte on 2014-03-04
  I get the question every day from buyers, therefore I propose this article regarding the lakefront cottage possibilities within 30 minutes of Mont-Tremblant. First of all, why maximum 30 minutes? It’s because a large percentage of buyers estimate that 30 minute drive is the maximum they wish to do to go skiing at Tremblant. Therefore, here is the list of quality lakes in my opinion ... Read More...
Posted by Yanick Laporte on 2013-04-23

Sports & Activities

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  With the increasing cost and pollution of gasoline motors, we all know that one day our cars will be 100% electric. Can we imagine that our boats will be too? The answer is of course yes. Imagine boating without having to burn gasoline and have a larger motor that makes noise. It is a dream that is already in progress with the Quebec company LTS Marine. Founded in 2009 by an acquaintance ... Read More...
Posted by Yanick Laporte on 2013-08-06
Summer has just begun so what better time to buy that waterfront home that you've been dreaming of.  Here's a sampling of great Laurentian waterfront properties that we are currently marketing. ... Read More...
Posted by Ann Jeffreys on 2013-06-25
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