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Campbell's Bay is situated on the mighty Ottawa River between Shawville and Fort-Coulonge in the heart of the Pontiac.  It is the county seat and is home to most government offices including the Quebec Provincial Police and the district’s Regional Municipal Council (MRC).  There are also French and English elementary schools as well as a host of other businesses and services.  Campbell's Bay - Ottawa River

As with many of the communities of the Pontiac, the boom times for Campbell's Bay were during the 1920s when it served as a bustling commercial centre for the logging industry.  Today, the community retains its historic character.    Look for an energetic mix of French, Irish, Scottish and Polish heritage.  

Cottaging and tourism now play an important part in the economic life of the village. It commands a magnificent view of the Ottawa River as well as offering access to the river for the sports fishermen who come to the area. 

Ask 4 Ottawa River sports fishers about the waterway's top catch, and you're likely to get 4 different answers:           Muskie-55 in-Ottawa River

• "Muskie. Big ones. The Ottawa has one of the best naturally reproducing muskellunge populations in Ontario."
• "Bass, largemouth and smallmouth, maybe even a tournament-topping 9-pounder (4 kilogram)."
• "Walleye. They're everywhere. No problem catching a hefty 2 or 3 kilo beauty."
• "Catfish.  There are monsters up to 20 kilograms!"

In June, hundreds of motorcyle enthusiasts flock to Campbell’s Bay for the annual Bikes in the Bay festivities (   In September, the village also hosts the Fall Art Festival.

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