Neighbourhoods in Gatineau, QC, Canada

- A -
Aylmer Avg. List Price: $290,575

Aylmer, Quebec Aylmer became a sector of the City of Gatineau on January 1, 2002. Located on the Ottawa River and Route 148 it is a part of the ...

- D -
District de Buckingham
District de Buckingham Avg. List Price: $230,672

Buckingham was a city located in the Outaouais region of the province of Quebec. Since January 1, 2002, it has been part of the amalgamated city of Gatineau ...

District de Hull
District de Hull Avg. List Price: $240,003

Hull is the central and oldest part of the city of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. It is located on the west bank of the Gatineau Riverand ...

- E -
Edelweiss - Wakefield
Edelweiss - Wakefield No Listing Data Available

Edelweiss Ski and Golf centre is located just outside the village of Wakefield, an easy 30 minute commute from Ottawa/Gatineau. Edelweiss has something ...

- G -
Gatineau Avg. List Price: $272,491

Gatineau (as of 2006[update] census population 242,124)[2] is a city in western Quebec, Canada, the fourth largest by population in the province (after ...

Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park Avg. List Price: $407,624

Bordering the Municipalities of Chelsea, LaPeche and the Regional Municipality of Pontiac, Gatineau Park is THE defining region of the Outaouais.    ...

Gatineau River
Gatineau River Avg. List Price: $266,324

The Gatineau River rises in lakes north of the Baskatong Reservoir and flows south to join the Ottawa River at the city of Gatineau.   The river ...

Gatineau Valley
Gatineau Valley Avg. List Price: $268,498

The Gatineau Valley is located in the heart of the Outaouais, just on the doorstep of Ottawa/Gatineau. The valley which borders the Gatineau ...

- H -
Hawk Lake-Lady Lake
Hawk Lake-Lady Lake Avg. List Price: $375,000

25 kilometres north-east of Buckingham, lies the Municipality of Mulgrave-et-Derry. The municipality of Mulgrave et Derry is connected on its southern ...

- K -
Kingsmere Avg. List Price: $595,000

Kingsmere is a community just on the edge of the villages of Chelsea and Old Chelsea.  It is within Gatineau Park and the National Capital Region.  ...

Kingsmere Lake
Kingsmere Lake No Listing Data Available

Nestled within Gatineau Park just 15 minutes from Parliament Hill you will find Kingsmere Lake, a small, pristine mountain lake. Originally a cottage ...

- L -
Lac Bataille
Lac Bataille No Listing Data Available

Lac Bataille is the highest lake in a chain of fourteen making it the first source of water that feeds the system. The water is amazing — spring ...

Lac Bernard
Lac Bernard Avg. List Price: $562,667

Just 65 km from Ottawa/Gatineau, Lac Bernard is a beautiful and picturesque, deep body of water approximately 5 km in length and 1.5 km wide.   ...

Lac Cayamant
Lac Cayamant Avg. List Price: $191,389

Cayamant comes from the Algonquin term Kakgama, Kandikagamaw, or Kandikagama which  means "porcupine". Alternatively, it may come from Kantuagama, ...

Lac Gauvreau
Lac Gauvreau Avg. List Price: $129,900

Lac Gauvreau is a medium-sized lake situated just 35 minutes from downtown Ottawa/Gatineau.  You will find a mixture of summer cottages and year-round ...

Lac St-Charles
Lac St-Charles No Listing Data Available

Lac St-Charles is a pristine, spring-fed mountain lake near Low, Quebec.  It is about 2.5 km long by 1 km wide.   Part of the lake is Crown ...

Lac St-Pierre
Lac St-Pierre Avg. List Price: $537,600

Lac St-Pierre-de-Wakefield is located withtin the Municipality of Val-des-Monts approximately 35 kilometres from Ottawa/Gatineau.   This natural ...

Lac Ste-Marie
Lac Ste-Marie Avg. List Price: $180,317

Lac Ste-Marie is a year-round residential and recreational haven and it is also the gateway to several of the other major lakes in the Outaouais  ...

Lake Pemichangan
Lake Pemichangan Avg. List Price: $252,000

 Lac Pemichangan, an Algonquin word for "clear water" is near Gracefield,  about 1-1/2 to 2 hours north of Ottawa.  The lake is only 5 miles ...

- M -
Meech Lake
Meech Lake No Listing Data Available

  An absolutely stunning and pristine lake nestled within Gatineau Park and just 20 minutes from Parliament Hill.     ...

Mont-Sainte-Marie Avg. List Price: $209,650

Mont Ste-Marie is located just 60 minutes north of downtown Ottawa/Gatineau. Of the 5 ski resorts in the region, Mont Ste-Marie has the highest (1,200 ...

- O -
Outaouais Avg. List Price: $282,667

Outaouais is a region of western Quebec, Canada. It includes the cities of Gatineau (Hull, Aylmer), the Pontiac region, and the ...

- V -
Vorlage Ski Resort - WAKEFIELD
Vorlage Ski Resort - WAKEFIELD No Listing Data Available

Located in the picturesque village of Wakefield, Quebec, Vorlage is widely recognized as “The Family Ski Area” with fantastic conditions and ...

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