Ten reasons to set up your business in Gatineau

Ten reasons to set up your business in Gatineau

  1. Gatineau is right at the centre of the action when it comes to access to the single largest consumer in Canada, the federal government, which spends $10 billion annually on goods and services.
  2. The cost of land in Gatineau’s industrial parks is among the most competitive in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor.
  3. Gatineau is one of the regions with the highest concentrations of high technology businesses in Canada.
  4. Gatineau is the doorway to western Quebec, and is close to the two largest provinces in Canada.
  5. Gatineau is close to the northeastern and east central parts of the United States, a market of 100 million inhabitants and nearly 40% of America’s industrial capacity.
  6. With a population of more than 260,000, Gatineau represents the fourth largest city in Quebec and the fifth largest agglomeration in Canada.
  7. Gatineau has one of the highest rates of bilingualism in Canada, with close to 63% of its population fluent in French and English.
  8. Gatineau has tremendous biophysical conditions for agriculture, with a mild microclimate and fertile soils.
  9. Gatineau’s cost of housing compares very favourably to that of the largest urban and industrial agglomerations in Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa.
  10. In 2008, out of 4,700 Canadian cities surveyed, the Canadian Council on Learning ranked Gatineau second among the most intelligent cities. In this regard, Gatineau was the only city in Quebec to make it among the top ten offering highly attractive learning conditions and quality of life to its residents.

Did you know?

  • In Quebec, Gatineau is the city with the second largest proportion of people born abroad. Gatineau averages 1,300 newcomers a year.
  • Gatineau has the highest number of golf courses in Quebec, with nine public and three private courses.
  • Its geographic setting and relatively unpolluted environment give Gatineau more days of sunshine than the larger centres like Montréal and Toronto.
  • Gatineau Park stretches over 361 km2 and has nearly 200 km of trails for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.
  • The Canadian Museum of Civilization has a choice location in Gatineau, and is the most popular cultural attraction in Canada.


SOURCE: http://www.gatineauvilledaffaires.ca/why-setup-business-gatineau.php

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