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Charles Harris

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Its time to meet so you can make the right decisions.

This is an easy decision to make, coming from 20 years of experience with real estate however it can be one of the hardest decisions that a person will ever make. Getting the right advice, having the right conversation is just as important as the decision to sell or buy.

Buying or selling may not be right for everyone however when you sit down with a professional and discuss the pros and cons i.e. payments, affordability, the right area to purchase in, is that house the right investment, can you make money if you had to sell.... on and on and on.

This is where I come in, sitting down discussing what is right for you. Its a conversation that could save you a lot of time, money and help you make that real estate experience a good one.

It is a conversation, not pressure tactics. If you don't sell or buy now, that don't matter to me. This is about someone taking the time to sit down with you and show you whats happening with the markets, what to buy, when to sell, making the right decision.

Maybe selling or buying should be put off for another year or maybe hit while the iron is hot. Real estate is not suppose to be a disheartening experience.

Its an uplifting one. Contact me so me can sit down and decide whats right for you.

Take the right step, jumping in is not a good thing.


Buying a home? How about a Certified Pre-Owned Home with Warranty. Selling? Then talk to me about becoming Certified.

Welcome to Certified Pre-Owned Homes

The concept of Certified Pre-Owned Home was born out of the Certified Pre-Owned Automobile programs which changed the way people purchase pre-owned automobiles.  The Certified Pre-Owned auto has been inspected (109 to 121 check points, brand dependent), issues are corrected and an extended warranty is in place. This program is overwhelmingly successful because of the peace of mind of owning a pre-owned vehicle. We have taken this same business model and crafted the Certified Pre-Owned Homes Program in Canada. You as a buyer can have piece of mind and you as the seller make your home that much more appealing to a buyer. 

Talk to me to discuss how I can have your home Certified and more desirable for that particular buyer.

I can make your home more desirable to buyers!!!

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​Planning on buying a home? Why not talk to me about placing a warranty on the home before you purchase.


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Why You should Visit Newfoundland and Labrador - Most Easterly Point

Welcome to Newfoundland and Labrador. If you haven't been here, then make it a point too!!!

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