5 Things to Consider when Buying a Home

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Home buying is a big deal but with a plan and knowing what you are looking for it could be an exhilarating experience. When Investing, would you not know what you are investing in and follow certain steps to invest wisely. Exactly the same way you should plan before thinking of buying a home or for that matter selling a home. 


Five things you must Consider:

1.   Neighborhood

It is important to know which neighborhood you choose based on a number of factors. Consider driving around the neighborhood, a couple of times during different times of the day, to get a feel of the place. its a great way to know the area. A good idea is to visit the local community center and talk to the members about your main concerns. It would give you a lot more detail than you would ever have the time to figure out other wise.

  2.   School District

This is overlooked by most families but is crucial for you to make a decision. Visit the schools and talk to the administration. Just by the way you are responded to will give you enough information. Ask them about the school budget and its various programs. Your kids will love you for it and you will be a lot more comfortable knowing you made the right decision just based on a good school your children will go to.

   3.  Future Developments

Check with the city to find out what is planned in the area in the near future. If there is a new development coming, t will bring with it infrastructure including new shopping places, schools and roads. Find out how it will affect your home. Would it increase the value of your home or decrease.That would depends on what plans the city has and the direction the area is going into.

4.   Market forecast & Real Estate Trend of the Area

What have the homes been selling for in this area. What variable are to be considered to make a sound investment decision. Has the prices been rising int he area. Is it a new development or old. Are the prices going up or are stable. What are the demographics of the place. How quickly do homes sell in the area. All these questions will give you a fair idea of what it would be like if you decide to sell. Of course you can not predict which way the market would go, but you could make a calculated move.

 5.   Location

Location, location, location !!!! Everything is super-seeded by this factor by far. What is the location of the home you picked. Now you could think of a whole lot of things but try to think with an Investor's mind as well. However, if you love the place you love it and actually that is the trump factor. What facilities are close by, where do most people go to work in this area. What is the transit like, how far are the highways, how is the traffic congestion, is there a Go station nearby, are there any shopping malls int he vicinity, how far is the hospital. the list goes on and on so make a check list of the most important things that matter to you. This would make it a whole lot easier to make a final decision with confidence. 



Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any question or comments, Let  me know by sending me an email a.samra@century21.ca or giving call me at 905.781.7892.


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