To Do List Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive!

  • Check windows and doors ont the exterior for possible air or water leaks.  Make sure the weep holes are clear at the bottom on the outside.
  • Inspects caulking around windows for cracks or separation from the window or building.
  • Check the roof for loose shingles, tiles or shakes.  make sure vents are in good condition and are not blocked with debris
  • If you have large trees or shrubs close to the home, make sure they are trimmed well back to avoid branches damaging the exterior oth the home, the shingles or interfering with vents.
  • Check for leaves and debris in gutters and eavestroughs.  Check for blockages at the down pipe connections.
  • Have gas heating systems inspected by a certified professional.
  • Vacuum and clean out forced air registers (vents) and ductwork in your home.
  • Remove the hoses and any diverter manifolds or other attachments from the hose bib itself.
  • Remember to turn outside water outlets off and drain exterior faucets of water before winter.  There are several kinds of of outside water outlets.  If you have only the frost free type of hose bib it shuts off only from the outside of your home.  Make sure all hoses and appliances are disonnected to allow water to drain out.  You may have a frost free valve, then open the outside hose bib to allow it it drain.  You may have a non-frost free type of hose bib with an inside shut off.  Turn off the water at the inside valve and open the outside valve to ensure the water drains.  Some new homes have the hose bibs inside the garage or a utility room.  These too shoud have the hoses disconnected and be drained, or have the water supply shut off and drained before freezing temeratures.
  • Check CO (Carbon Monoxide) detecotrs if installed
  • Check all the vents outside your home; the combustion vent intake, the dryer vent and the range hood vent.  Make sure they are all clear, functional and the screens are clean.

-National Home Warranty-

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