All home-buyers have one common thing on their wish list - hardwood floors.  In fact, it's the most frequently searched term in Canadian real estate listings.  With that in mind, here are may tips on how to make the most of investing in what's underfoot.


Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood consists of solid wood planks that come in a variety of widths and can be bought unfinished or pre-finished.  To prevent warping, it should only be installed above grade in locations that have a controlled level of humidity.


Engineered hardwood is made of strips of hardwood glued onto backer boards.  It comes in various widths and is more tolerant to changes in temperature and humidity, meaning it works in any climate and can be installed below grade.



Whether you go with solid or engineered hardwood, it's a big investment, so make smart choices when it comes to color and style.  Room size, ceiling height, wall color and existing decor should be your primary considerations.  Remember:  Regardless of what you choose, stick to it.  Keep your flooring consistent throughout your entire house to help with flow and to make your space look larger.


COLOR  Light hardwood works nicely in small rooms and performs well in high traffic areas, as it hides scratches, dents  and dust.  Dark hardwood gives a more formal feel and is ideal for bigger, open concept spaces.  A classic medium brown can lend itself to a traditional look, while black shades give a space modern, urban appeal.


WIDTH  Floorboard width can drastically affect the look of a room.  Narrow planks feel somewhat traditional, while really wide planks or barn-board give a room a warm, rustic vibe.  I'd suggest going for something in between.  Because hardwood floors are a significant investment, it's safer to choose something classic and simple.

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  1. carpets calgary 01/07/2015 at 3:28 AM This is a very helpful article. It has cleared all my doubts about hardwood floors. The choices were so vast but it helped me choose the best.

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