How To Buy A Condo #3




Work with me to help with the buying process.  Then we'll speak with a mortgage broker, or meet directly with lenders, so you have a feel for the type of mortgage for which you'll qualify before you start your search.  Finally, make sure you have a good lawyer who will pore over any offer to buy, as well as review your financing arrangements.  How do you find these experts?  Ask me for a recommendation, ask friends and family...


Other Considerations or Oversights:  Not all parking spots are the same size:  some are slightly smaller because they are positioned next to a pillar.  With one of these compact spaces, you won't be able to open your car door without risking a nasty dent.  Make sure you see where your parking spot and locker are before agreeing to anything.  Sure you may not have any choice in the matter because they may be randomly assigned, but you need to be aware of these things before you buy.


Pay close attention to the location of the unit itself.  Do you want to live on a high floor or on a lower one?  Generally speaking, the higher up your suite, the higher the price--usually between $3000-$8000 more for every floor above the main level.  Of course, you may want to pay extra for the better view.  But if you're on a limited budget, sticking to lower floors can save you money.  


Watch for small touches inside your suite, like the material used for the doorknobs, tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen cabinets.  If builders used cheap materials for these finishes, proceed with caution.  They may be scrimping on other details as well.

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