Knox Mountain Hill Climb Is Taking Place This Weekend.  Great weather to get outside and enjoy the races & help out a great cause.  Here's the schedule:

Turn 1 - The first switchback, comes in off a rise in the slope, often misjudged carrying in a bit much speed.

Turn 2 - The steepest part of the hill, but narrow and dark shade of the trees.

Turn 3 - Second switchback, again very steep especially if your line is too close to the traditional apex. Secret is to go wide.

Turn 4 - For many the scariest turn, with a steep dropoff on the right. Be bold.

Turn 5 - Frequently mis-judged as drivers turn away from open slopes to the inside part of the course. Be cautious of drifting too wide.

Turn 6 - High speed turn, flat out for many, unless your car is very quick.

Turn 7 - Another high speed turn, leads into hard left switchback.

Turn 8 - Hard braking into left hand switchback, drop a couple of gears and prepare for another short but steep climb.

Turn 9 - Lift off a bit and quickly back on for a blast to the finish. Don't drift too wide, another big dropoff.

Finish - Heart pounding? Adrenalin shakes? Good, get ready for another run.

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