Quick Tip Tuesday #13

Can The Grease!

Cooking oil and grease poured down drains is the number on cause of sewer blockages and overflows in the City of Kelowna.  Follow these simple steps to keep your drains clean.


Cook It!

Cooked foods, such as bacon, release grease during the cooking process.  This grease should never be poured down the drain.


Cool It!

Hot oils and grease can cause burns if handled improperly.  Let hot grease cool in the pan so that it will eventually be safe for pouring and cleaning.


Can It!

Pour cooled oil into a large can with a lid.  Wipe excess oil with a paper towel.  A cooking bag can be used as a liner if you want to re-use the can.  When the can is full, put on a lid and dispose of into the trash.  Don't forget that other foods, such as ice cream and mayonnaise also contain oils, and should also be discarded into the trash.



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