Establishing and following a maintenance schedule is the best way to manage your household maintenance budget, to protect your investment and to prevent problems.  Summer is approaching, here are some maintenance minders to follow:

1.   Remove debris from gutters avestroughs and down pipes.  Hose them out and ensure good drainage flow.

2.  Examine window and door seals and repair as necessary.  This will cut down on energy costs for cooling.

3.  Examine and repair grout in bathrooms and tile floors to prevent moisture damage - materials; shrinkage may occur during the hot season.

4.  Inspect and lubricate garage door roller shafts (do not attempt to adjust door springs yourself - always call a technician.)

5.  Lubricate locks on doors and windows with silicone spray.  Avoid using oil, as it may solidfy and become "gummy"

6.  Check window screens and screen doors for tears if installed.

7.  Check the condition of concrete slabs and sidewalks and asphalt driveways - repair cracks as necessary.

8.  Make sure sprinklers and hoses are not directed against the outside of the house.

9.  Make sure that plants and bushes do not grow up against the outside of the house (moisture can stay trapped and not dry causing damage.)

10.  Check all landscaping and outdoor features to ensure good drainage away from the house, if the ground has settled or water is running back toward the house.

11.  Make sure all your drainage systems are working properly and that water drains away from your home.  If it does not, take corrective actions immediately.

12.  Check to ensure there are no insects or vermin getting into your home.

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