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You can add Cuba to the list of non-stop destinations originating from Kelowna International Airport.

Airport manager Sam Samaddar announced the addition during a news conference Tuesday outlining expansion plans at the airport.

Direct flights to Varadero will run from mid-December until mid-April.

Sunwing will operate the service, which will depart and return every Friday.

"This is certainly a destination we have heard from our passengers that they want to go to," said Samaddar.

He added negotiations have been going on for about six years to add Cuba to YLW's list of destinations.

Sunwing will utilize a Boeing 737-800 with a capacity of about 160 passengers.

"This is really good news for us in that it provides a new destination for those looking for the sun."

Samaddar said the airport is working on other destinations as well.

While he did not have any further destination announcements, he said airport staff are working on getting another carrier to take over service to Los Angeles as well as other U.S. destinations.

He said they hope to be able to add an airport in the Midwest, such as Chicago or Minneapolis, to allow for one connection to the East Coast.

They are also looking at expanding into new markets in Europe and, domestically, in B.C. and Alberta and Winnipeg.

Samaddar said there may be news on a non-stop European destination later this year.

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