6 home improvements that take less than an hour:

1.  Freshen up an old room with paint.

Pick a bold paint color, then use it to paint just one accent wall in a room.  Covering only one wall will cost less and won't take as much time as painting the whole room.

2.  Switch out your faucet.

Tired of your old taps?  You can easily install a new faucet.  Before you begin the job, turn off your water supply.  Then unscrew the connections from your old faucet and screw in your new faucet.  Your local hardware store will be happy to give you deatailed instructions.

3.  Inspect your electrical.

If child proofing is of concern, purchase the plastic plug in covers to prevent little fingers from poking into the outlets.  Take a quick look around at your outlets and make sure you have not overloaded the circuits.   Any frayed cords should be replaced immediately.

4.  Install weatherstripping.

Now is the time that you notice any little breezes coming from your windows or doors.  Weatherstripping will make your home more comfortable while ensuring that warm air is not escaping!  Permanent weatherstripping, which has adhesive, is recommended around doors and windows that are opened all season long.  For windows that will stay shut until spring you can consider temporary weather seals.

5.  Replace your furnace filters.

Checking your filters monthly improves air quality and furnace efficiency.  Consider changing the filters every 3 -4 months.

6.  Install a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats allow you to vary the temperature of your room through-out the day.  They are easy to install and relatively affordable.