Ask Questions....

Ask Questions!

Most times that you hire a REALTOR®, you are hiring a stranger to assist with the most important transaction of your life. Even if you are hiring someone you know, even very well, it is good to be prepared. Even ask your REALTOR® which questions you should ask him. Do your research on local market trends, drive around the neighborhood and see what other homes are currently listed This works for buyers or sellers.

The most important thing to remember is that all documents you sign are legal and binding. I always advise my clients of this before we put pen to paper. I let them know that before signing anything they have the right to take these forms to a lawyer to be reviewed. No document HAS to be signed that very moment.

Ask questions, do your research, and interview REALTORS® objectively. Commissions are negotiable. But remember, if you want me to be merciless in negotiating the price of the home you are buying or selling, shouldn't I be able to negotiate my paycheck the same way?