Choosing a Realtor

Every time I open a book or read a post online there seems to be conflicting ideas on what clients want from a Real Estate professional. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. Some Realtors® feel that presenting people with large numbers of facts and figures will be what influences a prospective client. Others tend to lean towards periodic newsletters with local community events and interests. Still others feel that flyers that include food or drink recipes, home decor advice, or home improvement ideas are the way to go.

 The reality is, all of these ideas are right. As we all know, we all have different and unique personalities and styles. What may be exactly right for one may be frivilous to another. The truth of the matter is, different things appeal to different people.

 When you are looking for someone to help you buy or sell your home, take some time to interview the person on not only their professional standards, but how their personality fits with yours. As in any relationship, make sure that you feel good about working with this person. Take some time, ask some questions, and be as comfortable as possible. After all, you may be spending a fair amopunt of time together!!