Fall Landscaping

As Fall approaches much too quickly for some of us, it's time to start thinking about Fall landscaping. It's still not too late to plant some things that will not only add color around your home for the time remaining this year, but also get a headstart on next year. 

This is a great time to start planning next years gardens. All too often it seems summer slips by way too quickly. One way to extend this is to plan a beautiful garden for Spring. Bulbs planted now will be a great addition to your property early in the spring next year. Garden centers are now starting to carry numerous varietys of bulbs to grace your garden. If they are carrying them, then it's not too early to plant them.

Also, but continueing your gardening and landscaping into the Fall you will have a property with much better curb appeal should you be considering selling. Properties that look niceer sell faster and for more money. Remember, every dollar spent on landscaping increases your homes value but about four dollars. Thats a great return on investment!!

Many of the more reputable greenhouses are open well into the fall. They offer a more experienced staff that are knowledgeable about not only the plants that they sell, but also the correct way and time to plant them. They are a valuable resource for most of your landscaping and gardening needs.