Summer Heat

The summer of 2013 has been an interesting one so far. With a rainy season to start, then into opressive heat we now find our selves in a variety of temperatures that fluctuate daily.

One important point to remember is that the car is no place to leave and living creature unattended. Adults are able to voice their discomfort and take preventative measures. Although, in saying that, sometimes an elderly adult may find that difficult as well.

If you must take a child, elderly person, or pet with you, leaving them in the car while you attend to errands is not an option. They cannot stand the sweltering heat that builds up in a parked vehicle. Even with windows down, on a still day the heat can seriously harm internal organs permanently and in only a few minutes. 

Enjoy each others company for many years to come. Nothing is that important that is worth losing a life, whether it be a family member or a pet.