20 activities for Family Day fun!


With Family Day happening this month, you might be trying to come up with some fun ways to keep your children or grandchildren entertained. Whether indoors or outdoors, here are 20 ideas that will keep even the most rambunctious children busy and engaged.

1. Make a snowman family – use old clothing to dress them up!

2. Play hot potato with a snowball.

3. Hide some small plastic toys in a snow mountain. Time kids to see how long it takes them to dig everything out.

4. Snow painting – simply mix food colouring with water in a few squirt bottles and squeeze!

5. Invite some neighbourhood friends over and play dodge ball – with snowballs, of course.

6. Pin the Nose on the Snowman – have fun building the snowman first, leaving off the nose. Blindfold kids and let them try to get the carrot nose in the perfect spot.

7. Bundle up and take a nature walk – give kids a short list of items to find.

8. Make maple candy – just pour real maple syrup on freshly fallen snow and enjoy.

9. Frozen bubbles! Kids might be surprised to see what happens to plain, old bubbles on a frosty day!

10.  Make an edible bird feeder - http://eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.ca/2011/10/make-your-own-bird-feeders.html

11. Make a snowflake collage - http://tinkerlab.com/holiday-activity-for-kids-snowflake-collage/

12. Build a fort

13. Indoor bowling – stack up red solo cups and knock 'em down!

14. Have a fashion show.

15. Do a science experiment – visit Pinterest and let kids help choose one.

16. Make soup.

17. Create an obstacle course.

18. Indoor camping – set up a tent, make s'mores in the oven and read stories.

19. Have a puppet show.

20. Laundry basket ball/beanbag toss – label each basket with point values and line them up with the lowest point value closest to the thrower.


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