A Modern Day Terry Fox - Andrew Metcalfe and the Pink Canoe

The other night while watching the news I was introduced to a man carrying a pink canoe through the streets of downtown Toronto, no entourage, no mass crowd gathered to watch him, just a man and a pink canoe walking 1200 km's (from Kingston to Windsor) for a cause. I was surprised at the time that not much had been made of this trek and that I was just hearing about this now. I then noticed a small spot in the Hamilton News about the man making his way down concession street (fitting as he would be passing the Jurovinski Cancer Centre). Again I was surprised that there hadn't been much hype about this portage. So today I went online to check if there was any information on this voyage.

I found a site called "The Pink Portage" which gives a detailed account as to how breast cancer has affected his life from an early age, starting first with his mothers battle (which she thankfully won) and then his later experiences with his grandmother and his late aunt. The site gives information about his current location, blogs about experiences he has encountered along his travels and stories he wishes to share about other families undergoing treatment, etc.

He states on his blog that he chose to do this and although he expects to experience times of weakness, soreness, fatigue and uncertain weather this "pailes in comparison to what a person with cancer goes through on a daily basis". I was touched by this and felt the need to promote Andrew Metcalfe by posting his story and a link on my blog today.


Website: www.pinkportage.com

Twitter: @andypinkportage

Facebook: www.facbook.com/pinkportage

email: info@pinkportage.com

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