Bring more natural light into your home


Nothing can be better than letting more natural light into your home, especially in the dark, winter months.

Traditional skylights allow more daylight to filter into your home and the option to ventilate. Some even have built-in sensors that close up when it begins to rain.

But what do you do if that dark room or hallway isn’t directly under a convenient roofline?

Tubular skylights might be the answer. Tubular skylights are a sealed system that brings natural light into dark areas of your home using a shiny tube about the size of a standard dryer vent. These metal tubes can be “snaked” through walls without any structural changes to bring light from the roof into dark spots that may not be directly below. However, the more twists and turns, the less light will be transferred. The most efficient tubular skylight is one that is straight and quite short, conducting sunlight directly into the space.

On the roof, a faceted dome collects and amplifies sunlight and directs it through the reflective tube into your home.  An optional diffuser inside spreads the daylight into a pleasing glow of light. Or, you can choose to add decorative covers and shades to convey the effect of a ceiling light fixture, depending on your personal taste and décor. At night, lighting kits can even be installed to light the tube for a daylight effect.

Because the system is sealed, as long as it is installed properly, leaks aren’t an issue. Of course, this also means you can’t open this skylight for ventilation.

Tubular skylights also tend to be less expensive than skylights, but it really depends on your needs. Bringing more natural light into your home is better for your health and can also save money as you won’t be flipping on lights on dark stairways during the day.


Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative


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