Choosing a new garage door



Garage doors make a huge impact on the exterior appeal of your home, not to mention its value when it's time to sell. It just makes sense to consider style as well as durability when planning to purchase new garage doors. 

As with almost everything for your home, there are infinite choices available for garage door styles, colours and quality. Research the manufacturer and installer carefully before you buy to ensure you get the best quality for your money. If you plan to add a garage door opening system to your new doors, consider checking that your new doors are compatible with your system before you buy to avoid costly mistakes.

The raised panel steel door is the most common and most affordable garage door option. If you have a garage separate from your home, this uninsulated option may be a good, cost-effective choice. It can be custom painted to match your home's trim colour, or any colour you wish, and it requires little maintenance. 

If your garage is attached to your home, and especially if you have living space directly above it, an insulated garage door will keep your home much more comfortable. You may also want the added insulation if your garage includes a workshop area. Insulated doors are stronger and more dent-resistant, providing a more durable door against hockey pucks and basketballs!

Fibreglass garage doors, although slightly more costly than steel, can provide the look of real wood, but with no maintenance and more affordably. Fibreglass won't warp or crack and it will resist dents and dings from day-to-day wear and tear. Wood tones of mahogany, oak and walnut are readily available. Or consider a painted finish in any colour of the rainbow to match your home's character and style.

Although more expensive and requiring regular maintenance, the traditional charm of authentic wood is hard to beat. Wood doors, properly maintained, will last decades. Wood is also infinitely customizable. So if you need something exactly right for your unique home, wood might be the right choice for you.

Whichever option best suits your lifestyle and budget, making the right choice will add character and a finished, cohesive look to your home's façade.


Jeffrey Hewson
Sales Representative 
Century 21 Aberwin Realty



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