HWDSB Concussion Directive

HWDSB Launches Concussion Directive

Due to an increasing awareness of the dangers of a concussion, the Ministry of Education has directed every school board in Ontario to develop and maintain a protocol on concussions.

As a result, HWDSB has developed a Concussion Directive, which recognizes the importance of recognizing suspected concussions, diagnosis of suspected concussion, and the management of diagnosed concussions. Concussions can have an impact on a student’s long-term health and academic success. It is also important that staff and individuals in schools have information on appropriate strategies to minimize risk of concussion through grade specific curriculum..

The Directive also provides the steps to follow if staff or individuals suspect that a student may have a concussion, as well as procedures to guide students’ return to learning and physical activity after they have been diagnosed with a concussion.

For more information about concussions, please visit the following websites:

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