Hamilton's Fruit Tree Project

As a strong supporter of eating local rather than shipping our fruits and veggies in from other countries and supporting local farmers and crop growers I was excited to discover the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project.

The Hamilton Fruit Tree Project is a local volunteer initiative to help harvest local fruits that may otherwise go to waste. Fruit Tree owners can contact the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project if they have trees ready for picking that they may be unable to pick themselves. Volunteers pick the fruit and then it is divided up amongst the owner of the trees, local food banks and social service providers. The Volunteers don't go home empty handed either as they are able to bring home some of the "fruits of their labour". The Hamilton Fruit Tree Project also hosts Fruit preserving workshops.

To volunteer or find out more about the Fruit Tree Project contact: jlee@environmenthamilton.org or visit http://hamiltonfruittreeproject.blogspot.ca

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