Home Pre-Inspection with a Warranty

The typical offer from a buyer includes a condition on home inspection. This involves the buyer to schedule and pay a home inspector to check the major components of the home, and provide details on the condition of those components. This typically includes structural, roofing, heating & cooling, electrical, plumbing, attic ventilation and insulation, and general interior and exterior condition, and much more.

Would you be more inclined to purchase a home if it came with a full pre-inspection paid for by the seller? Sellers can take advantage of a pre-home inspection for many reasons. The pre-home inspection gives the seller the true condition of their home, and the opportunity to take care of needed repairs before hand. This can be used as a selling feature of the home, giving the seller and the real estate agent peace of mind that no surprises will come up once an offer is presented.

Taking the home inspection another step further, a new program to certify pre-owned homes has just been launched in the Central Okanagan. This idea goes beyond the pre-inspection and includes a warranty on the items inspected. The cost is higher than the typical home inspection, but this brings a comfort to the buyers knowing the condition of the home, anda quicker sale for the sellers. A win-win situation! Read the full article on Global News: CHBC Okanagan | Would you buy a certified pre-owned home?


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