How to create a magical playroom for rainy summer days


If you (and your kids!) are fortunate enough to have extra space in your home for a playroom, decorating it is the perfect opportunity to let your imaginations run wild. The possibilities are endless! When deciding on a theme or which direction to take, the easiest starting point is considering your children's interests. 

The walls are one place where you can really let your creativity soar. Use fabric to cover the walls, adding warmth and dimension to the space. If you're feeling ambitious, you can cut out fabric shapes – such as a tree form, world map or racecars – and create a unique fabric mural on one wall. If you've always wanted to try broad horizontal stripes, this is your chance. You could also paint a mural, apply kid-friendly wallpaper or use stick-on decals. Covering one wall with chalkboard paint will provide hours of entertainment. 

Kids love to hide out in little nooks. While a "secret room" isn't always practical, there are plenty of ways that you can create a cool spot for kids to take cover. If the room has a closet, remove the door and use some patterned fabric to create curtains. Add a bunch of throw pillows on the floor, some simple DIY shelves, a kid-friendly light and voila! It's the perfect little reading nook! If you want to keep the closet for storage, it's amazing what you can accomplish with a few yards of fabric. Create a teepee or use a hula-hoop to make a circular canopy. If you're handy with a saw and lumber, check online for some amazing indoor playhouse designs that kids of all ages will love! 

The perfect kids room offers a place to not only play but also learn. One playroom must-have is bookshelves. Cover an entire wall with kid-height bookshelves. If books are easily accessible and not tucked away in a closet or box, kids will be much more likely to use them. 

Younger children love to play make-believe so give them a place to let their imaginations run wild with a mini kitchen, classroom set up or 'grocery store'. Stock up on markers, crayons, scissors, coloured paper, Bristol board, pipe cleaners, beads, glitter, glue, brown paper bags, yarn, fabric scraps, stickers and more to create the ultimate kids craft area.

Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative


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