LRT is a GO

Just a couple of months ago, it looked like the dream of Light Rail Transit in Hamilton might never come to fruition. The Province was noncommittal, Council was wavering, and city staff had turned sideways on a ten year transit strategy that seemed designed to delay LRT construction indefinitely.

But thanks to the steadfast leadership of Mayor Fred Eisenberger, the intense, earnest negotiations between the City and the Province, the strong desire of this Provincial government to take bold steps on transit investment and the outpouring of support for LRT from thousands of Hamiltonians, we have arrived today at an historic Provincial funding commitment!

The announcement is for up to $1 billion for a phased LRT running from McMaster to the Queenston Traffic Circle with a spur line connecting the new West Harbour GO Station, plus expanded GO service to Stoney Creek.

Make no mistake: you made this happen. 

This Provincial government is eager to invest in regional transit, but they want to be sure that they are investing in what communities want.

Through your emails, letters, tweets and phone calls, you sent the Province a loud, clear and consistent message that despite the mixed signals from City Hall, Hamiltonians recognize the extraordinary potential for LRT to transform our city for decades to come.

Of course, there are still major challenges to overcome as the City and the Province finalize their agreement on what is within the scope of the funding commitment and how the timeline for construction will unfold, but for right now we can take a well-deserved breath to enjoy this moment.

Thank you for your steadfast faith in our city's potential. Thank you for your ongoing engagement with both Council and the Province over the past eight years. Thank you for speaking up - against all odds, your voices have been heard!


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