Let there be light! Tips for smart home illumination


When it comes to buying a home, high-end lighting fixtures likely aren’t a ‘must-have’ item on your list of wants. In fact, lighting is one of those factors that you really only notice if it’s dreadful or extremely well done. A dark home can be dreary and depressing, particularly during the winter months when the days are short. On the other hand, a home that is bright and light-filled inherently feels warm and cheerful. Lighting is an important feature in home décor, but many people skimp on fixtures, unaware of the value perfect lighting brings. 

Here are a few tips to brighten up your home without breaking the bank: 

Begin with the exterior: Smart outdoor lighting is your first opportunity to wow potential buyers. Greeting them the moment they arrive, strategically placed lights create a safe, lavish feel. If you have a showing or open house scheduled, real estate agents recommend turning on all outdoor lights to welcome potential buyers.  

Are there different types of lights? Yes. In the typical house, there are three types of lighting: 

• Ambient lighting is the general illumination that fills your home. Producing an overall brightness, it does not draw attention to itself - ambient lighting blends into its surroundings. 

• Task lighting is just as it sounds. Additional lighting is cleverly placed in spots where you will need extra illumination i.e. over kitchen counters, in reading nooks and in home offices. Pendent lights, under cabinet lights, floor and table lamps are all considered task lighting. 

• Accent lighting is used to feature architecture and art around the home. You may see it in built-in alcoves or over a large piece of artwork. 

How to add light to your home: Even the darkest of homes can be improved upon, without a major overhaul. A few well-placed floor or table lamps are the easiest and most cost effective measure.  Track lighting is also a simple fix for a dark space. Made of individual lamps installed on a track and mounted on your ceiling, track lighting is easy to install, reasonably priced and available in a variety of style.  Wall sconces are often used to create mood lighting for hallways and bathrooms. They are easily installed and can really improve the aesthetic appearance of your home. Pendant lighting is ideal for kitchens and workspaces. Available in dozens of styles and designs, you can really make a home décor statement with pendent lights. Recessed lighting is ideal for hallways, family rooms and basements. It is best handled by an electrician as it requires cutting holes in the ceiling to insert the lights. 


Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative


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