Looking for a cheap date night or something to do with friends?

I was sitting in my hairdressers chair the other night when she started telling me about a new hobby she's begun. A little shocked she told me that when she was younger she loved to rollerblade and had decided that she was once again going to take it up. She told me that she'd purchased a new set of blades and was excited to try them out. I in turn shared my stories of my attempts at rollerblading but how i hated going on the streets or paths because the roads/trails were so jagged and bumpy. It was then that I found out that every Friday night at the Harbourfront Park in Hamilton there is a rollerskating/blading party with music, refreshments, etc. As she didn't know much about it other than what someone had told her and had yet to go she wasn't sure of many more details.

As I often do, I went home and investigated.

Hamilton Waterfronts Outdoor rink is located at Pier 8.

Equiment  rentals such as sakes, helmets etc can be rented for a price of between $2.00 and $5.00. (this does not appaer to have a time limit)

Hours of Operation: SUMMER:

Monday - Thursday : 4pm - 9pm

Friday: 5pm - 11pm

Saturday: 12pm - 11pm

Sunday: 12pm - 9pm

Hours of Operation: FALL

Friday: 4pm - 8pm

Saturday and Sunday - 12pm - 8pm

Check out this video from The Spec for more info: www.thespec.com/videozone/753775

Happy Skating :)




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