New Office, New Efficiencies, New Media

A year or so ago I decided it was time to expand my operation.  I owned an independant real estate brokerage that was designed to allow myself, my wife and a good friend to trade in real estate as inexpensively as possible.  I had been in the real estate industry six years and when combined with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience I felt that it was time to take the Brokerage to the next level.  Something small, add a few agents and see how things work out.  I prepared my budget.  Well, the next level required more investment than I thought it would!  Maybe, I should review what is necessary to attract  a few more agents.  I did some more research.  I realized that most real estate agents worked for franchised brokerages.  What franchises were under represented in the Hamilton market?  Century 21 - the largest real estate company in the world. Really?  I sent an email, had a coffee.  Before I knew it I was reviewing one of the most remarkable web sites I had ever seen.  It seems that Century 21 has been pouring money in to the internet to make their sales associates better.  Better trained. Better marketers. Better communicators. Just better REALTORS.  I now had the opportunity to build a Brokerage that could maximize the potential of this powerful brand.  I found a good location.  Lots of parking.  Close to the Linc.  Our Grimsby based REALTOR has the same 10 minute drive that I have from Mount Hope. Equipped with state of the art systems necessary to maximize the potential of the technology offered by Century 21.  By July I had my location, October my building permit (is that a surprise?) and by December I was in.  Software still had to be installed and training completed.  Now, we're ready to go.

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