Pier 4 - A great (cost free) place to take the family

While babysitting my almost 2 year old nephew over the weekend I decided to take him to Pier 4 park in Hamilton. Having not been there for a few years I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I was delightfuly surprised by the park and what it had to offer. The park has numerous trails to walk as well as some great picnic areas where you can have some lunch and take in the awesome views of the boats sailing past. In addition Pier 4 hosts and an incredible play area for kids inclusive of a large tug boat to climb on, swings, a jungle gym, a great splash pad to cool down on a hot day and a small swimming area ropped off from the harbour.


We spent approximately 2 hours at Pier 4 and had to practically drag my nephew away as he was having so much fun.  For anyone looking for a cost free afternoon with the family I would absolutely recommend Pier 4 Park, located just next to the Hamilton Yacht Club

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