Prepping your garden for winter

Although none of us like to think about it winter's grip is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about packing away the patio sets and BBQ and prepping our garden plants to help them survive the long winter ahead.

With a quick visit to a local nursery this weekend I was able to obtain some great tips for cost affective ways of prepping your perennials for winter. Although not every tip is free of cost in the long run it is cheaper that buying whole new plants next spring to replace the damaged ones.

Tip #1 - As the leaves fall from your trees and the surrounding trees in your area be sure the collect them in a small pile. As the winter frost approaches cover your perennials with these leaves to insulate them. The best part is..its free! Don't cover your plants too soon however or you may find little critters living in amongst your plants.

Tip# 2 -. Cut back your perennials to just a few inches. Be sure to clear away any excess foliage as it tends to harbour disease. Some Perenials however you may choose not to cut back as they provide a great visual landscape for the witner months.

Tip#3 -  Place Burlap sacks over any young trees and shrubs. Burlap can be purchased, dependant on size, for a cost of $12-$30 at Home Depot. If the tree or shrub is really young place a tomatoe cage around the plate prior to wrapping it in burlap.

Tip #4 - Remove Non-Hardy bulbs from your garden. They should be dried by the sun for a few hours prior to storing for the winter. Store bulbs in a cool dry place such as an attic, garage or basement.

Tip#5 - Water your plants throughly before the frost hits. It is important to provide yoru plants with an adequate supply of water before the winter dries them out.

Tip #6 - Drain your garden hose and store it in a dry space to prevent cracking. Turn off all the water to the exterior of your home.

For more tips visit your local garden centre and speak with a garden expert.

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