Sealing Your Driveway

Sealing your driveway is not an absolute necessity to most homeowners, however, there are a few things to consider before you write it off all together.

Sealing your driveway protects your driveway from everyday wear and tear as well as the elements such as rain and snow and helps to prevent cracking. As your driveway changes from the rich black colour (when it is first layed) to a greyish colour sealing your driveway is definately something you should consider. The loss of colour means a breakdown in the material and a greater risk for cracking. 

Experts state that the best time to seal your driveway is late spring early summer (optimal time being mid May to Mid June) and that you should wait atleast a year prior to your driveway being put down to begin sealing it. Some home owners seal their driveway religiously every year while others only begin sealing when the colour begins to fade.

A driveway can be sealed using a spray on material or a thicker material usually applied with a "squeegie".

The cost to seal a driveway professionaly starts at approximately $150.00 (dependant on size of your driveway). For the do-it-yourself handyman you can purchase the materials to seal the driveway yourself for approximately $30.00 and most local hardware stores. You should wear an old pair of shoes as they will be unwearable after application.

If you are getting your home ready for sale sealing your driveway will add curb appeal and possible value to your home.


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