Selling your home in the fall has its benefits

Thinking of selling but wondering if the fall season is the right time? Traditionally, a spring market is always the busiest, but home sales switch hands all year long and fall is a great time to attract serious buyers. Deciding to sell your home during the cool fall season can create hidden benefits to your sale and help ensure you get top dollar for your property. Don’t worry about the changing seasons, here are a few reasons why autumn has its benefits:

Curb Appeal - Often regarded as one of the most important details when showing your home, the fall season is a great time to make the most of your curb appeal with well maintained lawns and polished landscaping. As the season cools, neighbours often invest less time in their yard work. Using this to your advantage your perfectly maintained property is sure to stand out on the block.

Cool fall weather is also the perfect time to finish do-it-yourself projects, repaint window coverings and garages, stain the decks and repave driveways.

Appeal to the season and plant bold fall colours. Selling a home is much like selling an image.

More time to dedicate to the sale - Selling your home can be a lengthy process; attracting buyers, arranging meetings and drawing up offers to complete the sale takes a lot of time.

Fall schedules usually see people home from vacation and back into scheduled routines. This applies to both sellers and buyers. It can also apply to professional inspectors, appraisers and notaries you may need to hire to complete your sale. Back to their scheduled routines means they are able to complete work more quickly.

Serious Buyers - Fall buyers are serious buyers. Often new home owners, retirees and people moving for career changes, these buyers are well researched and ready to commit to the sale.

As winter gets closer, most buyers want to ensure they are comfortably moved into their new home before the holidays and the stormy weather begins.

Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative

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