Strawberry Picking Season Has Arrived!!!

I Love Strawberries and every year when I start to see the kiosks at the side of the road I get the itch to go pick my own. I love crouching down into a row of berries and popping a few as I pick into my mouth straight from the plant.

I usually go to Lindley's Farm in Ancaster ( to pick but this year thought that it might be interesting to find out where other strawberry farms are located in and around Hamilton. In my searches I stumbled accross the following website:

The site provides an easy to navigate tool bar for finding the nearest picking filed to where you live. It also provides links to berry farmers websites, new and exciting recepies to try and nutritional information about the various berries in season.

So if you aren't doing anything this weekend and decide to take the family to pick some berries you might just see my berry stained face and hands in the strawberry patch!

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