Take a colourful adventure in your home


Does the prospect of painting a room in your home ‘purple clover’ or ‘watermelon’ make your heart start beating faster?  Do your palms get sweaty at the thought of purchasing vibrant orange drapes for your dining room?  Do you live by the motto ‘builder beige any day over persimmon’? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have a common ailment often referred to as ‘colourphobia’.

Interior decorators agree that one of the most common decorating mistakes homeowners make is painting every room in your house similar shades of one neutral colour. If you’re hesitant about boldly going where you have never ventured before in the world of colour, rest assured. There are plenty of less bold ways to add a splash of colour in your home, without committing to it for the long haul.

One of the most subtle ways to incorporate a new colour into your home is to accessorize with it. Look for pillows, curtains, picture frames, slipcovers and towels in a fresh, bold colour or in multiple shades that appeal to you. If, over time, they don’t hold their appeal it’s easy to switch or get rid of them.

You’ve probably heard the expression “add a pop of colour.” This doesn’t require the same commitment as painting four walls but still allows a touch of diversity in your room. Try painting a bright colour on the back of a white or black bookshelf or china cabinet. Another idea is cutting a bright, fun fabric into three one-foot by one-foot squares, then gluing them into white frames for hanging or propping on a cabinet for a simple way to add colour. If that’s still too big a step to take, consider buying flowers in a shade that you love - but are unsure of adding to your room in a bigger way - and live with it for awhile. If you find you can actually live with it, make the move to add the new hue.

In the living room, you can add a bold, multi-coloured area rug or consider painting one wall an accent colour. If you’re feeling adventurous, wallpaper has made a major comeback in recent years and now comes in a host of contemporary designs. In the dining room, add some colour with a bright tablecloth or runner. 

The key is to choose colours that appeal to you. Don’t be a slave to décor trends. Take the leap whether small or large and enjoy the colour adventure! 


Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative

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