Too much stuff? Make use of local donation centres

Do your closets look like an episode of Hoarders? You might need professional help before the movers come. But what can you do?

Yard sales and garage sales are a good idea. A well-organized garage sale can rid you of a lot of stuff, especially kid’s items.

But what about donations?

Your local animal shelter will love used bedding and towels, and of course, pet dishes, and pet food too. Elementary schools are often happy to accept children’s games and books in good condition. Your local library might also love your unneeded books in good condition. Local charitable organizations in your area might be delighted to take your gently used clothes or furniture. Search for “donating stuff to charity Ontario” or use Canada 411 or the online Yellow Pages to search for specific locations.

There are many charitable organizations that are happy to help take clean, good condition clothes, household items, books, and even furniture and appliances! Many will even pick them up for you so you don’t have to lug them around.

Here are various organizations with a brief overview of the types of items they accept. For more detailed information, please contact the organization directly.

Salvation Army

Items Accepted: Gently used clothes, toys, shoes, electronics, household items
Do they pickup? Furniture items only
Items Not Accepted: Used mattresses, box springs, sofabeds

The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Items Accepted: Gently used clothing, footwear and outerwear, belts, ties and purses, yarn, fabric and patterns, blankets, bedding and linens, draperies, pillows and cushions, luggage and sleeping bags
Do they pickup? Yes
Contact: 1-800-414-3484

Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline
Items Accepted: Gently used clothing, all cloth-based items, bedding, sleeping bags, belts, ties, yarn, blankets, drapes, pillows, footwear, small household items, kitchenware, pots and pans, tools, blenders, small electronics, cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, digital cameras, gaming consoles, PDAs.
Do they pickup? Yes
Contact: or 1-800-505-5525

Goodwill Industries
Items Accepted: Antiques and collectables, artwork and frames, audio/visual equipment, books cameras, CDs, DVDs, records and videos, clothing, shoes, accessories, belts, purses, hats, gloves, scarves, computers (pentium 4 & above) cookware, dishware and utensils, electronics (TVs, radios, stereos, DVD players, VCRs, working small appliances (no older than 10–15 years), fabrics and textiles (linens, towels, curtains, blankets and rugs), games and toys, giftware and knick knacks, glassware, hand tools and small power tools, holiday decorations, jewellery, lamps, musical instruments, sports equipment, vacuum cleaners
Do they pickup? Selected locations only

Habitat for Humanity ReUse Centres
Items Accepted: Windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, lighting fixtures, furniture and appliances
Do they pickup? Contact the centre in your area

Just a note to remember when donating: Items must be in good, working order and gently used or new condition. If you wouldn’t pass the item on to a friend, then please don’t give it to charity.

Want more information and resources? Here are some good websites to help you

In Halton Region, visit
for a list of donation options.

Durham Region offers a Reuse Day where residents can drop off reusable goods for local charities. Visit for more information.

The Furniture Bank ( is a registered charity supplying furniture to people in need. They will pick up gently used furniture in the GTA for a fee.

Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative

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