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Timothy Canadian Private School
Bruce Park
Queensdale Elementary School
               JK- Grade 6
St. Peter and Paul Catholic Elementary School

Local Attractions

Blog Posts About: Local Attractions
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-07-11
Canada will celebrate its 147th birthday in 2014 and grand events are set to take place to celebrate this momentous occasion in both Hamilton and Burlington.  We are so fortunate to live in one of the world’s greatest countries, so don your red and white, get together with friends and neighbours and help commemorate Canada’s big day at one of these great events.  The Canada ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-06-27

Construction and Expansion

Blog Posts About: Construction and Expansion
  If you’re a house-hunter, you probably have established a list of needs and wants. Is a finished basement included as a need or a want? For some families, a finished basement isn’t a priority and many homeowners spend decades in a home without ever taking on this home renovation project. If it is something that is important to you, finishing the basement once you’ve ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-10-29
Big changes are coming to Hamilton's west harbour, with several developers combining their efforts to create new green space, housing, cafés and stores. Would you like to be one of the estimated 2,000 people to move there in the next 10 years? Go to https://www.facebook.com/BillyDeeJ for more info. Read More...
Posted by BillyDee Johnson on 2014-09-22

Community Events

Blog Posts About: Community Events
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-09-10
March Newsletter
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-03-05

Family & Kids

Blog Posts About: Family & Kids
  Anyone with children can confirm that from the moment that little bundle of joy arrives, your home suddenly starts resembling a daycare centre. It’s amazing how much stuff one tiny little person requires! Between playpens and swings, activity centres and jolly jumpers, it isn’t long before your perfectly decorated living room is overrun. Fortunately, as kids get a little older, ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-10-29
Most adults these days are doing things much later than was typical 30 years ago. You can likely name a handful unmarried 30-year-olds, maybe even a few who still live at the old family homestead. Regardless of this shift, a recent study spearheaded by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) found that a high percentage of Generation X’ers (those born 1965-1980) and Generation Y’ers ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-06-25

Parks & Recreation

Blog Posts About: Parks & Recreation
  Without realizing it, you may be putting out a welcome mat for pests this summer. Here are some prevention tools to ward off those pesky bugs and some solutions, natural and otherwise, to get rid of the ones that have already made themselves at home.    Ants love a parade, but your home doesn't have to provide the route. Black pepper and baby powder are both touted as effective ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2013-06-23

Market Reports and Conditions

Blog Posts About: Market Reports and Conditions
This means war! How to handle multiple offers Your home has been a virtual Grand Central Station of activity since being listed in this hot-and-heavy seller’s market. Interest in your home has been high since the get-go and now you’re faced with what some consider the holy grail of real estate scenarios - multiple offers.   Naturally, you should go with the highest bidder. But ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-06-21
June Newsletter
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-06-08

Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Houses

  No matter how many times first time home buyers are told to consider closing costs, it’s very easy to stay focused on that one big number – your mortgage – and forget about all the other expenses that come with buying a home.  In addition to your down payment, here are some of the other costs that you will need to cover before you’ve even stepped through the front ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2013-12-21
  The holiday season is fast upon us, which means it will soon be time to make New Year’s Eve plans. Lucky for residents of Burlington and Hamilton, there are plenty of great options. A fun destination for the entire family is Royal Botanical Gardens’ Winterfest 2013!  Happening December 27 through New Year’s Eve from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m., it’s five days of winter ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2013-12-21


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Mother's Day is on May 11 and you are not quite sure what to get your mom? I have some suggestions that will make a great Mother's Day gift that your mom will most likely appreciate receiving on her special day. 1. Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer Image Courtesy of Walmart Canada Available at Walmart $114 (online) -- check local stores for availability and price 2. Ninja Master Prep Pro ... Read More...
Posted by Miguel Lima on 2014-05-07
Signs of A Grow Op *These are just a list of some of the signs. There are more signs that a home inspector will find that may not be listed here. Exterior 1. Window Condensation High levels of humidity in the home will cause  window   condensation. 2. Unusual lighting Lighting may be left on all the time, or be timed to  be turned off and  at on and are usually very ... Read More...
Posted by Miguel Lima on 2013-06-10
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