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Timothy Canadian Private School
Bruce Park
Queensdale Elementary School
               JK- Grade 6
St. Peter and Paul Catholic Elementary School

Local Attractions

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April Newsletter
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-04-02
    Take a stroll through downtown Dundas and experience the unique charm and ambiance of a small historic town: the quiet tree-lined streets, 19th century buildings, arts, culture and recreation, quaint restaurants, specialty shops and food emporiums. Step through their doors and be swept away by the sophistication of the merchandise and quality of service.  Though some small ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-03-05

Construction and Expansion

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  If you’ve ever lived in a home without a powder room, you know all too well the hassle of keeping your family’s main bathroom in perfect order should a guest need to use it. Needless to say, a powder room is an excellent selling feature.  If you’re thinking of placing your home on the market this spring and your powder room has been a little neglected over the years, ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-04-02
  Nothing can be better than letting more natural light into your home, especially in the dark, winter months. Traditional skylights allow more daylight to filter into your home and the option to ventilate. Some even have built-in sensors that close up when it begins to rain. But what do you do if that dark room or hallway isn’t directly under a convenient roofline? Tubular skylights ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-02-25

Community Events

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March Newsletter
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-03-05
  No matter what the season, a visit to Royal Botanical Gardens promises to delight, enlighten and inspire. As Canada’s largest botanical gardens and a National Historic Site, RBG is one of Ontario’s premier destinations.  With over 27 kilometeres of nature trails to explore, there is always something new to discover, as the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland. ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-01-15

Family & Kids

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  So, the time has come. You have your finances in order, you’ve been pre-approved and you’re ready to start house hunting. First of all, congratulations on getting to this point! Now what’s your next step? You’ve probably heard oodles of advice to help you get to this stage, but do you know what to look for when it comes to finding your dream home?  Here are ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2014-04-02
The Easter Bunny needs some help painting his eggs! Here is your chance to help him out and win an awesome basket filled with Easter goodies! Print off the sheet by clicking on this link: Easter Bunny get colouring with your crayons or pencil crayons and colour away! How to download: Click on "Options", select "Download", the image will download to your computer, and then you can print off ... Read More...
Posted by Miguel Lima on 2014-03-27

Parks & Recreation

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  Without realizing it, you may be putting out a welcome mat for pests this summer. Here are some prevention tools to ward off those pesky bugs and some solutions, natural and otherwise, to get rid of the ones that have already made themselves at home.    Ants love a parade, but your home doesn't have to provide the route. Black pepper and baby powder are both touted as effective ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2013-06-23

Market Reports and Conditions

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Exciting news posted on thespec.com. Hamilton/Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo and London-St. Thomas smashed previous sales records for high-end properties in 2013, says a report released Tuesday, which looks at trends over the last five years. What amounts to "luxury" varies dramatically, from just $500,000 in smaller markets like London, to $750,000 in Hamilton/Burlington, $1 million-plus in Calgary, ... Read More...
Posted by Will Tait on 2014-02-18
  Seller’s market continues in Hamilton-Burlington By Todd Fryer Broker Century 21 Aberwin Reality Inc. (905) 869-3473   The Hamilton-Burlington real estate market continues to favour sellers with a lower inventory of homes for sale, while the average listing price of $397,403 has increased by almost four per cent over October 2012.  The Realtors Association of ... Read More...
Posted by Todd Fryer on 2014-01-27

Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Houses

  No matter how many times first time home buyers are told to consider closing costs, it’s very easy to stay focused on that one big number – your mortgage – and forget about all the other expenses that come with buying a home.  In addition to your down payment, here are some of the other costs that you will need to cover before you’ve even stepped through the front ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2013-12-21
  The holiday season is fast upon us, which means it will soon be time to make New Year’s Eve plans. Lucky for residents of Burlington and Hamilton, there are plenty of great options. A fun destination for the entire family is Royal Botanical Gardens’ Winterfest 2013!  Happening December 27 through New Year’s Eve from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m., it’s five days of winter ... Read More...
Posted by Jeff Hewson on 2013-12-21


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Signs of A Grow Op *These are just a list of some of the signs. There are more signs that a home inspector will find that may not be listed here. Exterior 1. Window Condensation High levels of humidity in the home will cause  window   condensation. 2. Unusual lighting Lighting may be left on all the time, or be timed to  be turned off and  at on and are usually very ... Read More...
Posted by Miguel Lima on 2013-06-10
There have been several reports over the past few years of grow ops being shut down by police in and around the Hamilton and Niagara regions. Regulations in regards to disclosure of whether or not the property was a former site of a grow up varies across the country. In Ontario, the law requires that property owners and agents disclose information to perspective buyers about whether the property was ... Read More...
Posted by Miguel Lima on 2013-06-04
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