Vacation Time

As our lives are being pulled in many directions at once, such as work, sports and just living, we can start feeling run down. The break for ourselves is built into many provincial labour laws and some companies or employers offer time off. The North American trend is not to take holidays as it is not productive time for our companies or bosses. This is the wrong approach to looking after the most important person(s) in the life you live. By taking time to slow down, reconnect with yourself and family you actually are more productive. Spread these breaks out to get as many as possible in a year will be healthier for you. In Europe, many countries have less work hours per week, more holiday weeks per year and people are directed to use them. This increases productivity and reduces burn out, but by living well you can live longer. Take the time to recharge yourself and be a healthier, happier person who is living life not just surviving it.