Weather affecting the market a bit, NOT the economy


Okay, so we are ALL sick of the weather. The continuous snowfall and wind that have been around since mid-October are trying even the most arduous Saskatchewanite. Saskatchewanian. Whatever.

It is also affecting the real estate market, I believe. By the way, the doom and gloom news media claiming that “real estate is tanking” – don’t listing to them. To make a general comment like real estate sales are slower is like saying the average temperature in Canada is +4. Really, you can’t take what is happening in Toronto and Vancouver and say that you have a “pulse” on the real estate market across Canada. NEWS FLASH – we are not all Toronto and Vancouver. So step one is avoiding all generalizations made about the real estate market. Things are different all over.

Okay, where was I? Oh ya, the weather affecting the market. As of the end of February, Swift Current real estate was down a bit from last year’s record numbers, but overall still very healthy. Supply has been down as well and that is where the weather comes in. People seem a bit hesitant to list their property when the snow is piled up the whazoo. And also, folks tend not to want to look at houses to buy when the highways are closed, the wind is whistling by at 60 kph and they run the risk of getting stuck by merely pulling up to a house. I think that has more to do with sales numbers than the economy.

As spring (eventually) hits, I am expecting a flurry of activity both with new listings coming on the market as well as more people looking at houses to buy. Face it, only the die-hard buyers are wanting to move in weather like we have been having. Once that loosens its grip, we will see more fluidity streaming through our MLS® system than then the Swift Current Creek will see – hopefully.

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