Tuesday June 15, 2010 I gave a speech at the Alcatel-Lucent building on March rd. in Ottawa.  They had a fundraiser that all the proceeds were going to Camp Trillium.  This is so close to my heart!  I have written previously about this camp.  It is the camp for families with children that have had a battle with cancer. This camp really benefits the whole family! Newly diagnosed families don't even realize till they get there how important it is to just step away.  This battle is mentally & physically draining on everyone. Your so cautious of everyone & everyplace you take your child that is battling cancer.  Before you know it you as a family are totally consumed with "CANCER". When you get to the camp everyone is the same and for the first time "CANCER" is not the focus. WOW, It is a powerful!

My daughter, Kristina, was asked to be the Ambassador for this group and she was so proud to do it.  As I did my speech Kristina was standing beside me.  The love & support that I could feel in the room that day as I delivered my speech was powerful!

This group raised over $26,000 for the much needed camp!  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to the riders, volunteer, donators, Alcatel-Lucent, Coast-to-Coast against Cancer foundation & Kristina you all made a mom very proud!!

Sincerly, Julie Kager

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