The good news is that every day spring comes a little bit closer and with it the renewed real estate market. It is no surprise that so many people wait for “Spring” to go on the market, but you have to keep in mind that waiting is not always the best option.

Let us use last year as the example. Between March 1st and May 31st, 8060 residential properties and 2213 condos went on the market (Ottawa Real Estate Board stats). No matter how you look at those numbers that is a lot of competition.

Yet at this time of the year there are still quite a few buyers out there looking for their dream home. It could be yours, but if you aren’t on the market they won’t find it. If you wait until the “Spring Rush” starts you will be much harder for them to find amongst all the competition.

Now is a good time to get on the market to establish your marketing position and price before so many others jump in to compete with you.

Mortgage rates are still low and today they dropped even more which is very good news to the buyers out there at this time. If your home is ready to go why not call THE BEARDSLEY TEAM right now at 613-821-2384. We can give you an update on the value of your home, plus review your options and possible selling strategies (all in a no pressure format). We serve the entire Ottawa region plus many of the rural and semi-rural communities surrounding Ottawa.

Why wait? Do it now! Call Bev or Keith Beardsley at 613-821-2384.

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