Declutter Your House--Part 4

Returning Rooms To Their Core Functions

Do your rooms have identity crises? In making your house a home, you may have overloaded a room to suit a purpose it wasn’t intended for; for example, your family room also serves as a music room; the living room is doubling up as an exercise room; perhaps your dining room has been transformed into an office.

It may surprise you that many buyers are not imaginative and they believe what they see. When the rooms are in disarray with mixed functions, buyers will think the design of your house isn’t well laid out or they’ll think a room is missing altogether. This is why you must return all the rooms to their original intended use.

  • Your house becomes more organized because everything is in its rightful place.
  • You automatically declutter the offending rooms because they have less furniture and fewer knick-knacks that don’t belong.
  • You won’t confuse your buyers. They’ll be better able to visualize their own furniture fitting into the room.

Instead of shuffling furniture from one area of the house to another, you should consider putting these items away until your house is sold. When this isn’t realistic, perhaps your basement can be partitioned to host some of the secondary functions such as sewing, exercising, playing music, etc.

April’s Tips

Decluttering Tips

Excess: pack overstocked and off-season items. If you’re selling your house in the summer then put away winter wear and sporting gear. Try to return excess to the store you bought it from; they might take it back. After you've packed, try to store them offsite. This is especially true if you live in a condo where space is at a premium. So rent a commercial storage unit or ask a favour of close friends. They’ll help you out if they know the arrangement is temporary.

Repairing Tips

Kitchen: add missing aerators to your faucets. You don’t want the buyer to get accidently soaked when they test them.

Cleaning Tips

Tobacco Smell: wash your walls. You may have to repeat the procedure several times.

Revitalizing Tips

Revitalizing: reduce mismatched items on display (furniture, towels, place mats, etc). While your eyes have grown accustomed to them, they distract and break up the flow of the room.

Showing Tips

Believing that you have excellent taste and that everyone sees your house the way you do. Wrong! We all see things differently. De-personalize, neutralize paint colours, and display tamed artworks that appeal to a wider audience.

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