Declutter Your House--Part 5

De-personalizing Your House

This is very important. You want your buyers to visualize themselves live in your house, not you living in it. Personal artifacts distract so you have to put them away – photographs, souvenirs, trophies, medals and certificates, posters, religious items, and family heirlooms.

If you’re a collector, then pack away your collectibles and valuables. Don’t forget your refrigerator’s door as it is one of the most common place to hang cute magnets, memos, postcards and all sorts of personal stuff.

The other reason to de-personalize has to do with safety. Buyers rummaging through your house are strangers and it would be better if they don’t know who lives there, or have access to any other personal data.

May’s Tips

Decluttering Tips

If you’re a collector, then pack away your collectibles and valuables.

Repairing Tips

Buyers love upgraded bathrooms and kitchens, but you need to be realistic about it. It’s high risk to spend thousands of dollars renovating these areas expecting a high return on investment.

Cleaning Tips

An advantage of a well-cared-for house is that you’re less likely to receive a low offer. When buyers can’t find faults they focus less on how much money they can squeeze out of you and start thinking that the house is right for them.

Revitalizing Tips

Revitalizing your house starts with the exterior. This is your store front. You want to make it look so inviting that buyers will be anxious to see the inside. Failing to do this and you’re literally driving them away.

Showing Tips

Catering your house to a specific group (ethnicity, religion, age, taste, etc). To sell your house for the best price and more quickly, it must appeal to all segments. There’s the right buyer out there, you just don’t know which one.

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